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Motor Trade Insurance Explained

The motor trade is any and all types of businesses that make an income in connection with motorized vehicles, this can be from 44 Tonne Trucks to 3 Wheeled reliant robins. The motor trade combined all sorts of occupation such as mechanical repairs, car dealers, vehicle locksmith, windscreen replacement under one umbrella.

If you think your occupation falls under the motor trade, motor trade insurance may be something to consider.

A motor trade policy explained

Motor trade insurance is a policy that allows the flexibility needed for you guys to jump in and out of cars knowing you are fully insured. There is no other insurance around that offers the correct cover you need if you are changing vehicle stock, driving customer insurance, insuring multiple sales vehicles hence why the motor trade policy was created.

Motor trade policies can cover an awful lot!

You can have a combined policy which covers driving, liabilites, machinery and plant, tools , courtesy car cover – really the all singing all dancing policy.


A road risk policy which covers just the driving aspect.

There are loads of extras that can be included on any of these policies and flexibility really is our deal, whether you need one car covered or a hundred cars covered, vehicles on the back of a recovery truck or tools in the van overnight.

Motor trade policies for motor traders

Historically a motor trade policy has been abused – used for anything from a family multi vehicle policy to a commercial fleet policy. Motor trade insurance is there for people making an income from the motor trade, with this in mind insurers have started asking for evidence of this to make sure only bona fide motor traders are insured.

So with all this in mind – are you looking for a quote?

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