Frequently Asked Questions

You can have a motor trade policy if you conduct any business within the motor trade – this could range from selling 10 vehicles a year as a supplementary income, to operating a large dealership. As long as you are actively trading in the motor trade you can have a motor trade policy.
Generally, vehicles owned by, or registered to spouses/common-law partners are included for trade policies. Please always double check first though.
Generally, vehicles are excluded from cover at your business premises under road risk insurance – your home is not classed as a business premises for this purpose. We can offer solutions to insure the vehicles at premises along with full garage policies.
With many policies there is no written limit on how many vehicles, but the insurer would expect no more than can be reasonably kept at the home or business address.
Ideally 2 years plus with most competitive insurers. We do have markets for people who have held their licence less, so please do get in touch for a quotation.
No you cannot drive untaxed vehicles just because you have a motor trade policy – you can apply for trade plates once you have a motor trade policy and then you can drive the untaxed vehicles using these.
Accompanied demonstration is a useful tool for someone involved in car sales – it would cover a prospective purchaser to test drive the vehicle as long as accompanied by someone on the insurance policy. Please do speak to us for full terms, or read your policy information.